Dealership personnel should have water test kits supplied by Ecolab to test for proper concentrations.    If you have any questions or need training contact your Ecolab Representative.

A Premium Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizer – 8.4% Sodium Hypochlorite – For a  solution with 100 ppm of available chlorine use 1 oz. per 6.5 gallons of water. Do not have your solution drop below 50 ppm of available chlorine. If your sanitizing larger systems move your ppm of chlorine closer to 200 ppm. Equipment Sanitzer is packaged in 4 / 1 gallon cases as well as 5 & 15gallon drums.

A Premium Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizer – same product as Shield 840. Ful-Bac is only packaged in a 55gallon drum.

A Powdered Chlorinated Sanitizer – 27.3% Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate. For a 100 ppm chlorine solution mix 1oz. per 12 gallons of water. A powdered chlorine is more stable and retains the chlorine in solution. It doesn’t gas off. Packaged in cases 6 / 6 pound containers.

MONARCH – SUPER KABON A Liquid Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer. 10% Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride. Contact your Ecolab Representative for dilution amounts. Super Kabon foams and cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. Very pleasant smell. Super Kabon is packaged in 4 / 1 gallon cases as well as 55 gallon drums.

MANDATE PLUS Low Foaming Acid Sanitizer. – Patented Product – 6.3% Nonanoic Acid and 1.09% Decanoic Acid. Use 1 oz. to 6 gallons of water. For exact dilution rates contact your Ecolab Field Representative and use your test kit. Acid Sanitizers are FDA approved as a final rinse sanitizer. They have the ability to kill bacteria for up to 16 hours.

MANDATE:  Low foaming acid sanitizer designed for automated CIP systems.

VORETXX:  A sanitizer that delivers antimicrobial activity on yeast, molds and bacteria.  The patented chemistry of VORTEXX was designed specifically for applications in beverage, brewing, food, meat and poultry processing.  Experience how the next generation peracid sanitizer can help you achieve quality and production goals.

OXONIA ACTIVE: A EPA registered peroxyacetic acid, antimicrobial agent with broad antimicrobial activitity for in a number of sanitizing applications.

OCTAVE:  Peroxyoctanoic acid EPA-registered antimicrobial agent for use in a number of sanitizing applications in the dairy, beverage and food processing industries.  It is also registered as a disinfectant for farms, poultry premises, poultry hatcheries and animal care facilities.

BAC-DROP:  Disinfectant and Udder Wash.  Has 42.6% Phosphoric Acid and Dodeylbenzene Sulfonic Acid.  Mixes 1 oz. to 5 gallons of water.  A great disinfectant for back-flushing milker units.  It has a pleasant smell and does not stain.  Will kill bacteria as well as clean mineral stains and deposits off stainless equipment and walls.  A 15 gallon drum will make 9600 gallons of sanitizing solution.  Same general properties as an Acid Sanitizer. (see also Udder Washes)

BAC-FLUSH:  Concentrated iodine-based sanitizer providing 3.68% titratable iodine.