We have the Answer for FLY CONTROL

There is nothing more irritating than a barn full of flies!  Let me rephrase that… there is nothing more irritating or frustrating than a barn full of flies that are stressing out your cows.   Fly infestations can reduce milk production by 15-30%, Increase somatic cell count as flies carry bacteria, Increase Disease and Stress as well as Negatively effect weight gain.   Flies are no good!

Our Chem-Star Dealers are set up to handle (2) quality Fly Control Systems and a Synergized Insecticide called AERO-MAX.   AERO-MAX contains 1% Pyrethrin, which affects the central nervous system of the fly causing it to die and 1% Piperonyl Butoxide which does not allow the fly to become resistant.  It provides resistance control to the Pyrethrin!     AERO-MAX also is available in a thin or thick formulations.  AERO-MAX gives you the power to control fly infestation at your dairy!

Dispensing the product is very critical and our Chem-Star Dealers have 2 systems that are sure to fit your individual dairies needs.  The WIK Fly Control System is a very Affordable, Easy To Install,  Low Maintenance and is Extremely Adaptable.  You can hang them in return lanes, barn entrances/exits or any other high traffic locations.   There are two standard sizes a 34.5 inch / 7 gallon tank and a 69″ / 14 gallon tank….you can also have custom sizes made up to fit special locations.   AERO-MAX works great in the WIK System.  Click here to learn more about the WIK System.

The BUZZ-OFF KL Automatic Fly Control  System has an electric photo sensor, adjustable right or left arm and a control box that makes this system easy to install, operate and service.  Position them on either side of your return lanes.  It applies a half ounce of Aero-Max per cow, per application.   It is able to use the thick or thin formulations of Aero-Max too.  The thick works great when it’s extremely hot and the sprinklers in the free-stall are in high use.   It adheres to the cow much better and does not get washed off by the water from the sprinklers.   Both terrific fly control systems. Click here to learn more about the  BUZZ-OFF KL Automatic Fly Control System.

EXSPOR – Disinfectant for Calf Housing Areas

As a Leader in the Chlorine Dioxide Technology, ECOLAB has been offering EXSPOR to the food and beverage and medical industries  for a number of years.  EXSPOR is a 2-part product, mixing at a ratio of 1 part Base and 1 part Activator to 1 Part Water and generating a powerful sterilant-disinfectant product this labeled for the sterilization of laboratory equipment, among other things.

On the farm, EXSPOR is a great choice for disinfection and breakdown of biofilm on parlor decks, parlor floors and floor mats, in drains and on walls.  Certain environmental bacterial issues, such as ropy milk, call for a complete parlor and milk house disinfection;  EXSPOR is the tool of choice in these instances.  In addition EXSPOR works very well through a foamer.

In calf housing areas, calf bottles, nipples, buckets, and calf hutches can be sanitized effectively with EXSPOR.  Works well in fighting Scours!   For information on EXSPOR contact a MEDA Dealer near you.


RECOVER is a premium winter teat dip that is manufactured by ECOLAB.  It is has a 78%  tri-blend of skin conditioners that help protect the teat during cold, windy conditions.   It keeps the teat soft and prevents it from chapping.   In many cases we have dairies set up a protocol for their milkers to dip with RECOVER at a designated temperature. 

Winter’s cold weather always raises concerns about exposing teats to the danger of frostbite. Jeff Reneau from the University of Minnesota has developed this chart  for dairy producers to evaluate when preventive steps need to be taken.  One important thing to note from the chart is how important it is to prevent cows from   being exposed to high winds. If winds are only 5 miles per hour or less, teats can tolerate temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees. However, if wind speeds reach 35 mph, teats may experience frost- bite at temperatures as high as 15 degrees.  Click Here to see Wind Chart.

RECOVER also has a tremendous germicide… 1.7% Hepatanoic Acid.  There is not a winter dip out there that has as much skin conditioning power as well as an effective germicide.   If you are interested in using RECOVER at your dairy contact a Chem-Star Dealer near you!  It will keep your teat ends soft and protected from cold winter elements.    RECOVER can be equated to Carmex only in theory …  how it heals and protects fast.  You will notice a difference almost immediately! 

Misleading Labels on Iodine Teat Dips

Are you getting what you paid for when purchasing an idoine teat dip?  I recently attended the NMC 52nd Annual Meeting this past month.  One discussion I was involved in was Sponsored by ECOLAB and several other manufacturers.   The discussion was based on a study to determine a common method that all companies use to calculate available iodine in teat dips.   What is a true 1% or .5% iodine concentration?  Is the label on teat dip telling the truth?  Are dairymen and women  getting what they think they are getting in an iodine teat dip? 

For decades, manufacturers used a single method to measure titratable iodine.  However, in recent years chemists at some manufacturers have begun to use a strong acid such as nitric acid or hydrocholoric acid as an additional step in the process.

 The problem is that the two methods yield significantly different results.      It puts some products potentially at a competitive disadvantage versus others.  A product measured by one method would show a lower iodine content than the same product measured by the other method.  For example, there are some teat dips labeled at 1% that could measure 1% titratable iodine using one test method but only .8% using the other.  A .5% could measure .4%.  

 Your dairy could be misled.   Some manufacturers are using less iodine, which is a significant savings and are marketing their product as having the same amount of iodine.  It just doesn’t seem right.  The playing field is just not level!

 The NMC listened, but did not react.  There needs to be common method that is practiced by all manufacturers.  Until then please be rest assured that ALL your ECOLAB iodine teat dips correctly state the available iodine on the package.  You are not being misled in anyway.  Everyone is getting what they paid for.  If you have questions on  the idoine you are using contact a Chem-Star or MEDA Dealer, they can test it to be sure you are getting what you paid for!

Please CLICK (HERE) to visually see the study that was conducted on idoine teat Dips. 

CHEM-STAR 2013 Farm Show Schedule

Come see us at a Farm Show near you….We’d really like to talk to you about the many opportunities MEDA / Chem-Star and it’s dealer network can do for your dairy!

Midwest Farm Show:  Lacrosse, WI  January 16 (Wed.) & January 17 (Thur.)


Rice Lake Farm Show:  Rice Lake, WI  January 22 (Tues.) & Janaury 23 (Wed.)


St. Cloud Farm Show:  St. Cloud, MN  February 26 (Tues.), Feb. 27 (Wed.) & Feb. 28 (Thur.)

Eau Claire Farm Show:  Eau Claire, WI  March 5 (Tues.) & March 6 (Wed.)


PDPW:  Madison, WI  March 12 (Tues.) & March 13 (Wed.)


Go to the 2013 PDPW Hall of Ideas – Virtual Trade Show to learn more about MEDA / Chem-Star and the Innovative Products that we will be featuring.  www.tseio.com/CDs/PDPWYITAXD/index.php?op=info&code=MEDAJWBD

Rochester Farm Show:  Rochester, MN  March 20 (Wed.) & March 21 (Thur.)

Oshkosh Farm Show: Oshkosh, WI  March 26 (Tues.), March 27 (Wed.) & March 28 (Thur.)


Single-Step Savings with Envirocid SP


Is WASH TIME an issues when it’s comes to cleaning your milking system?  Are you constantly running short on water when it comes to cleaning your milking system?  Do you want to milk more cows but not sure where you are going to find the time with the milking facility you have?  Are looking for away to be more profitable?  All these questions or dilema’s are very real with today’s Dairies.  There is a product called ENVIROCID SP which is manufactured by ECOLAB and distributed by CHEM-STAR, that is a single-step acid CIP wash solution for dairy tank and pipeline cleaning.  It can help answer all those questions - Decrease Wash-Time, Reduce water usage, Allows you to milk more cows and Increase Profitablity.  It does all this in such a way that it improves your milk quality as well as improves your cleaning results.  ENVIROCID SP has a unique formulation of wetting surfactants and dispencing polymers which allows it to remove, suspend and flush away soils.  It will replace the traditional detergent and acid washest/rinse cycles.  There are a quite a few products on the market that say they can do all this….but nothing washes away the fats, minerals and proteins in single cycle like ENVIROCID SP.  For more informations contact a Chem-Star dealer near you or  call Chem-Star at 608-588-7878 / email medaoffice@frontier.com.


The 2012 Dairy Expo begins on Tuesday, October 2nd and goes through Saturday, October 6th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin.  I encourage all of you that are coming to visit us at the ECOLAB Booth -  #EH2717 and #EH 2718.   We will be featuring our BEE-LINE PRE — A patent pending germicide that has sold over 53,000 gallons in the midwest over the last 6-month.  It cleans better, kills faster  and is cheaper than iodine. Touch it, Feel it and Smell it ….  A new innovation that is sure to help better your milk quality as well as keep more money in your pocket book.    While in the booth it would a great idea to talk to the Chem-Star / Ecolab Reps about the non-iodine alternatives —- There is no better product portfolio than what is offered by Chem-Star / Ecolab.  All have been protocol tested and have a 5 log 15 second kill.   Germicidal Controls – Acidified Sodium Chlorite /Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorhexidine, Heptanoic Acid, Lactic Acid, Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid and Sulfonated Oleic Acid.   It’s the chemistry behind these products that make them work so good!   ECOLAB– All they do is chemistry.   Stop in and let’s discuss the opportunities!

Surface Sanitize Your Parlor with OCTAVE

Chem-Star’s OCTAVE is a peroxyoctanoic acid that really surface sanitizes your parlor.  OCTAVE kills a broader spectrum of bacteria and is more resistant  to organic load.   It is effective against all contagious mastitis organisms as well as Prototheca.  The best application in the parlor is through a special applicator.  The applicator allows you to spray it directly into the your liners as well as spray off the units.  OCTAVE really cleans up stainless steel nicely.  OCTAVE has been approved by the EPA and is registered as a final rinse sanitizer/disinfectant.  Upon spraying, OCTAVE it is visible which provides confirmation that the product has been applied.  It clings on to  inverted,  inclined and vertical surfaces.  OCTAVE is a single part product meaning there is no foam additive.  The product is extremely effective and easy to use.  


Barrier 112 has (2) Germicides — Iodine and Heptanoic Acid.  Does your Barrier Dip actuallyhave (2) germicides.  By having (2) germicides you dip than provides you with (2) different spectrums of kill!    The primary germicide is IODINE and the secondary germicide is Heptanoic Acid.  Iodine is an Oxidizer which burns up the bacteria.  Barrier 112 has 1% Iodine which kills up t a hour.  Hepanoic Acid is cell disrupter which kills from inside.   Barrier 112 has an oily coating which allows the Hepatanoic Acid to kill much longer…. a good 8 hour residual kill.  It also has a 12% emollient package to really condition the skin (teat).  It’s highly visible, comes off easily in prep and it’s been extensively University Tested.   Barrier 112 is proven product.   See the Dealer map to find a Barrier 112 Dealer near you!


BEE-LINE PRE is a Non-Iodine Teat Dip that has raised that bar in the PRE Dip category.   It effectively and efficiently cleans better.  It lifts the dirt and softens the teat.  BEE-LINE PRE stays on the teat, not on the floor.   The application of the product is versatile, meaning it can be dipped, sprayed or foamed.   It has a tremendously fast, broad spectrum kill…. 5 log :15 seconds!   At the same time it’s more cost effective than Iodine.   It really works!!!!

Vorphal Farms, located in Random Lake, WI milks 1200 cows, 3X in a double 24 parallel parlor.  Their cows are in a free-stall barn and bedded with sand.  They were using a .5% idodine teat dip as their pre dip.  Tegan said, “The single biggest observation to me is BEE-LINE PRE’s ability to stay on the teat and clean.  BEE-LINE PRE allows our milkers to see the dirt on the teat and really clean it better.  Our SCC has been as low as 130,000 AND … Bottom-line it’s more cost effective than iodine!”

Pedro, Parlor Shift Leader at Vorpahl Farms said, “It’s much easier to clean off the teats by over iodine.  It’s less work and the teats are much cleaner!  I think our cows teats are softer, which enables our milkers to better stimulate the cow, resulting in faster milk let down.  It really makes my job much easier.”   Vorpahl Farms – BEE-LINE PRE Testimonial – CLICK HERE