Make Accelerator Dairy a part of Your Waste Management Plan!

With Spring coming all dairies with slurry’s and lagoons will be working around the clock pumping and spreading manure.  Does your dairy have a Waste Managemetn Plan that deals with solid build-ups, surface crust, the difficulty of pumping and Noxious Odors?  Are you retaining the fertilizer value (Nitrogen) or is it just gassing off?  Gas prices and fertilizers costs continue to go up expotentially.  It’s time to make Accelerator Dairy a part of your Waste Management Plan!

Accelerator Dairy supplies bacteria and enzymes that rapidly break down solids in dairy manure.  The results are easier pumping, decreased odors and greater nitrogen retention, resulting in less ammonia emissions.   All this puts money back in your pocket. 

Producers face many challenges in handling dairy manure.  With increasing environmental regulations, producers need to be proactive in their waste managment.  Accelerator Dairy is a valuable asset to a Waste Management Plan.

Accelerator Dairy contains scientifically selected strains of bacteria that enhance the digestion of manure solids, while preserving fertilizer value and decreasing noxious odors.  Contact a MEDA Dealer for information on Accelerator Dairy.  Click Here for a brochure.

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