Before the cold, winter weather begins to effect your dairy herd’s udder health let’s be proactive and discuss the some of teat dip options with your local Chem-Star dealer (See Dealer Map).  Recover is the perfect winter dip to help protect your cows teats.   It has a 78% Tri-Blend Skin Conditioning Package which enables it to protect the cows teat from extreme cold weather.  There isn’t another teat dip on the market that has  a skin conditioning package like Recover.  At the same time it has a 1.5% Heptanoic Acid Germicide resulting in a 5 log 15 second kill.  AOAC tested by Cornell University.  Recover has a distinctive BLUE color and provides great protection against mastitis!  Touch it and rub your fingers together — you too will be able to feel it’s warmth!!!!!!!!!! Winter Teat Dip Brochure and Recover Testimonial

ABS’s Valiant Pre-Post is another high performance teat dip for harsh winter conditions that improves teat skin conditioning by an exfoliation process using lactic acid.   It also will significantly reduce new clinical cases of mastitis!  Valiant Pre-Post has a 12.4% skin condtionoing package.  It also has a dual germicide…chlorine dioxide for the quick kill and LAS for the residual longer lasting kill.  Valiant Pre-Post has 5 log 15 second kill and has been AOAC Tested  — 8 organisms, 10% Milk Experimental Challenge at Cornell University.  It has distinctive GREEN Color to ensure coverage is visible.   Valiant Pre-Post Brochure

Code Green Pre-Post is another winter teat dip option that has a 10% Skin Condtioning Package consisting of Lanolin and Glycerin.   Code Green’s germicide consists of .7% Hepanoic Acid.  It too has a 5 log 15 second kill and has been protocol B Tested by Cornell University.  It’s a terrific dip  with a GREEN color that brings results.   Code Green Brochure 

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